Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Call of Duty Vietnam

Forget the deadly Swine Flu! If the latest Internet rumours are true, and the next Call of Duty game will be set in Vietnam, then it will seriously affect out great nation. Another crappy shooter set in a jungle environment... with flamethrowers...

Ahhh hell. Just someone give me Modern Warfare 2 quickly before I rage, kay? 


  1. Vietnam is good you arse! World At War is better than Modern Warfare. FACT.

    The weapons are better. It's a much better period for them. And Vietnam will be amazing. Especially if you get to play the Vietcong because they will all be camo'd and they will be able to kick the American's ass. And can you imagine all the different ways you could go? There'll be loads of underground tunnels and all sorts, it'd be great. As let's not forget, this was a Guerilla War

  2. Wowowowowo.

    Firstly lets not talk about COH5.

    Vietnam is a completely different war from world war 2 Michael.

    But it was a damn great war! I hope they do what they did in bf vietnam and allow you to play music out of your veichles...directly out of your hardrive too! :D