Thursday, 2 April 2009

Updates, Updates, Updates…

I came home this evening and decided, like I do every Thursday, to check the Playstation store for goodies for me to purchase. As I booted it up, it informed that an update had become available. “The rumored glory of Version 2.7?” I hear you roar? The very same.


So I sat and waited for it download (40 minutes spent reading “Making History” by Stephan Fry is certainly not time wasted), and by the time it had finished I was literally frothing with excitement. Were the rumors true? Has Sony finally upgraded their online community to a level that could directly challenge Xbox Live? Has Sony’s day finally come, and together me and my Sony brethren will traverse the plains of this generation, and take the crown from Microsoft's head!?!


No. Basically, the rumors were bull turd. All it added was this really quite poor instant messaging service. Also, Peggle still isn’t on the Playstation store.


Then I went on the Xbox and that needed to update too. Then I lost all my Dead Rising saves.


Basically, I’m pretty fucking fed up if I’m honest xD


  1. You lost all your saves?!? :O

  2. Is there a party system for the XMB? If so i'm happy, if not...then it's all bollocks xD.