Thursday, 9 April 2009

MM... Oh?

I'm sure it was Ayn Rand, or was it Neitzche, who said "Show me an MMO that doesn't bore my nuts off and I'll eat my own feet".  Perhaps it was me, but never mind. The point remains the same. 

You see, I've played them all. I've prowled the City of Heroes, I've fought in the Guild Wars, I've attempted Eve Online, lived in the Age of Conan and braved the power that is behind the mighty World of Warcraft and to be honest, I didn't enjoy any of them.

Well OK. They all appealed to me in some way because let's face it, I wouldn't have played them otherwise. Age of Conan particularly so, mainly because I'm a fan of the lore behind them (Robert E. Howard ftw...) but... I dunno. It just always ends up the same. Grind.

I just don't see the appeal in the tedious and mundane task that is grinding. I mean, I do enough of that in everyday life. I don't play games to sit and bore myself to Ecstasy, I play them to excite me to.... wait I've gone too sexual here and I've forgot my point. Oh yea, I don't play games to be bored, I play them to have fun.

So anyway, the point of this post is despite my dislike for all things MMO, is there a one out there that I may actually enjoy?

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