Saturday, 4 April 2009

Left 2 Dead

Discovered today that the Xbox Version of this can be played online split-screen so me and a mate, being the old fashioned gamers that we are, decided to give it a go.


It was great fun. We played a full Versus game of No Mercy, me as the infected and a friend as the survivors. It was brilliant fun. However, on the last section I was pulled off a ledge by a smoker. No biggy, happens all the time. So Zoey comes to pull me up…. and walks off the edge. So now she needs saving. So Francis comes over to help. And does the same thing. Then Bill get’s pounced by the hunter.


Mum’s were mentioned guys. Mums.

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  1. ILIVEINYOURHOUSE5 April 2009 at 15:02

    Damnit Liam, you make me want this game.