Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Random News

Can't think of anything specific to blog about today, so I'll just blather on about whatever comes to mind, as I usually do.

Started playing Fable 2 a few nights ago and I'm rather enjoying it. It carries the same humour as other Lionhead / Bullfrog titles which is always nice, as it's a kind of humour that I would consider as still rather fresh and exciting.  The graphics are sweet and I rather like the combat system. Only complaint I have, at the moment, is that the controls are rather sluggish but maybe that's just due to my complete inability to play Xbox games.

Burn Zombie Burn is still as addictive as it was yesterday. Incredibly hard, but great fun. 

Worms is also taking over. The online mode is the best idea since... Oh I dunno, I'm all out of interesting analogy's... :P

I borrowed a fresh copy of Bioshock yesterday as well, as seem as though the one I was playing decided it didn't like anyone progressing any further than Ryan Industries >.<>

Also, does anyone know whether the Dsi is any good? We were thinking of getting one for my sister, seeing as her original one broke the other day (and subsequently, she's therefore nicked mine o.o)

And on that note of petty theft, I leave you. 


  1. Worms was ace at yours. Told you I'd win :P

  2. A Mysterious Stranger15 April 2009 at 18:02

    Please tell me more about Fable 2 sir, i want to know more! Dedicate your next blog to it! I demand it!

    Please :D