Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Humorous Dead

The last time I played Dead Rising was about… well almost a year ago I think. Yea about that. I loved it, but got stuck about an hour of the way in (the second case strand, if anyone's interested). Anyway, I only realise now (and bearing in mind I got this yesterday, which proves how little I played it the last time) that I only teetered on the edge that is Zombie Hell.


Ok, I understand that I’m three years behind and that everyone and their mother has finished Dead Rising but I don’t care. There is nothing more satisfying than smacking a zombie over the head with a frying pan, kicking him in the face and then mowing him down with a lawnmower. Honest, there just REALLY isn’t!


It’s made me hungry for Dead Rising 2 if I’m honest. The only thing that’s bothering me is, do I get it for Xbox or PS3?


Answers on a postcard.


  1. ps3 obviously dear Michael you know i have to ignore a starving african everytime you ask such a question?

  2. Daddio's got all the answers. You better listen to him. You have to get it on PS3, then you can play it with your chums who you ignore because your on that damn Xbox contraption!

  3. Its so obvious who the above comments are from.

  4. Yes God and Jesus made those comments, LOOK GOD EVEN HAS A URL! PROOF I TELL YOU PROOF!