Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Assasins Creed

This had so much potential. So, so much potential. A sandbox game set during the Third Crusade, in which the player must assassinate one person in a crowd of hundreds? Where the player could leap from building to building, clamber up them like a male Lara Croft and perform THAT leap of a huge tower? Freedom, brutality and beauty. It had everything. Then Ubisoft added more, and it was ruined.

Oh yea guys, it was a science fiction story. Unlocking the memories of the characters ancestors, evil cooperation.... yea you get it. Why? Because you've played it, read it and watched it a million times before. As if this wasn't bad enough, it then became an excuse for invisible walls, to move the narrative on without explanation and to get away with the fact that a man who grew up in Jerusalem in 1191  mysteriously has a thick American accent. No lads, that's not called a clever plot device, that's called laziness.

I still stand by the fact that this game could have been something really special, but instead it just became another run of the mill action game. 

Ubisoft? A word of warning. You so much as let the developers of this drivel near Beyond Good and Evil 2 and I'll be hunting you down. All of you. Even Jade Raymond. 

Even Jade Raymond.


  1. I loved Assassin's Creed!

    And yes, we've seen it all before. But thats how things move on isn't it?

    Genre progresses by keeping the old but adding one more bit, and so on, till it completely evolves.

    And then it dies :'(

  2. I agree Fruzzy, and in most games this is always the case. Especially FPS's.

    However, I think what really dissapointed me about Assassins Creed was the initial expectations. :)

  3. Ah yes, I wasn't part of any of that. Probably why I like it more :D

  4. Yea! It's something I didn't mention in the post. The whole Science Fiction element was kept pretty much completely secret until the games release :/