Sunday, 9 November 2008


It's here. LittleBigPlanet. The PS3's must have game of 2008 and perhaps even the whole of the consoles life. It's here. And I don't have it.

Yes that's right, despite the rave reviews, the fantastic advertising campaign and a friend on the bus pulling an actual copy out of his bag and then putting it away as fast as physically possible as he was actually afraid I was going to mug him I don't have it for one simple reason. Cash.

Why is it that these days, games seem more expensive than before? I can never remember paying £40 for a game from the Playstation era, yet now I feel like I've got a bargain if I pay that much. The big problem is, especially this year, is the amount of quality games being released. There's so much to buy, yet if you did get them all the overall price would be somewhere in the region of around £250!

To summarize? Games are expensive, There's too many of them, My foot is itchy and my internet was off yesterday. Overall, I'm upset.