Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Spore Expansion?

Stumbled across this comment on nFortress today from Phillie93. He bumped the Spore thread, which already made me rather weary.


“They've just brought out a new expansion for it; creepy & cute parts. Anyone got it? It's meant to add 60+ new parts to the game, more paint textures, animations etc. I might get it but I don't know whether its any good. Apparently the next expansion is gonna let you beam your creature down onto a planet from your ship in Space phase and the ablity to make planets!!!! Which could be pretty mint in my opinion. :D

Spore…  Expansion?


Yea it’s true. It’s coming. In fact it’s out next week. So… 60+ parts… More paint textures…. animations….. Christ I’ve overwhelmed.


To be honest Maxis, why would I want to pay to make a mediocre game that was a major disappointment in the first place SLIGHTLY better. It’s too flawed as it is. You should all be ashamed. In my opinion, you should make a new Sim City and focus on making the Sims 3 what you’ve promised it to be because let’s face it, last time you did that we got this monstrosity.



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  1. I saw this today.

    £10 of nothing, I'd say.