Saturday, 27 September 2008

In Our Darkest Hour

Fallout 3 looks good. Very, Very good. 

I wasn't that excited about it until the other day. I've never played the originals, and to be honest I've never had a good relationship with Bethesda. I personally found Oblivion quite stale and unimpressive (although many, many people will care to argue with that view.) But Fallout 3 should make me and Bethesda best friends. I hope. 

But I downloaded the latest trailer for it the other day and fell in love, and I think It was all because of the opening. A 1950's infomercial, filled with a hearty dose of black comedy and fantastic Bioshock esqué animations. Oh and robots and nuclear war. I love the idea of the Vaults and Vault boy could already be one of the greatest mascots ever made and he hardly does anything apart from giving the camera a hearty thumbs up every once in a while. 

What out me off about Fallout 3 in the first place was the landscape. It looked too grey, even for a post apocalyptic version of the Earth. But now it's OK, because along with all the grey there's also going be a lot red. Lots and lots of crimson red blood, spewing from the shattered carcasses of zombies. And this friends, is why I'm becoming REALLY excited. 

No I'm not some kind of serial killer by trade, but the story looks to be fantastic. Promising radiation, zombies, gore, civilisations of trapped humans and a really simple RPG system. Could Fallout 3 be the game of the year? Well if Bethesda realise where Oblivion's faults lay then yes, yes it could. 

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