Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Hang Ten

Sometimes, a game comes along that just blows your mind. It's always a simple one, almost arcade like in style yet  manages to leave a lasting impression unrivaled by most high budget games. Also, it's normally addictive to the point that it should be a class A drug. Audiosurf, manages to fit into all those categories. 

The premise is so simple and executed so perfectly that it's mind boggling that Audiosurf wasn't made a long time ago. Ride any music file, avéc Guitar Hero. I mean come on. It's insane. Any music file boots up in mere seconds and yet manages to deliver a near religious experience (yea that quotes nicked. So what).

The best way to describe Audiosurf is this: Imagine Guitar Hero, crossed with Burnout mixed with the Winamp visualisations. That sums it up perfectly in my opinion. 

The greatest selling point of this of course, is that this game does not become a new experience when a new update is released, or when a new mod is created. It becomes a new game whenever you play a new album, a new song or an audio book (OK that may seem slightly farfetched but people do it for the achievements)

If you don't at least try this game, then your missing out on one of the most innovate and refreshing PC games to date.

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