Sunday, 28 September 2008

A Flawless Victory

I was playing Bad Company last night, and as I was getting decorating the wall behind me with essence of brains and my ears were filled with the piercing screech of a grenade that just went off in my face something occurred to me. The FPS genre has been perfected. 

Lets go back four years ago. The FPS genre was milked like the worlds fattest cow and my God was that cow tired and barely alive. We had "Innovate" new features such as bullet time, real time weapon switching and weapon upgrading. While most of this is now the standard (apart from the hideous bullet time) it wasn't exactly executed perfectly back then.

But like all things, I believe that all this experimentation has helped craft the perfect FPS formula. COD4 is probably the perfect example of this. Unforgiving enemies, complex AI, weapons that pack a punch and breathtaking online modes. Can you honestly imagine any FPS's not using a ranking system in online for the next few years? I can't. It just works so well. 

Bad Company's a good example too. Sandbox warfare, powerful weapons, vehicles. It works well because, quite frankly, DICE perfected vehicle warfare as well as a sandbox battlefield for online modes. 

In my opinion, the FPS's days are numbered. But until then, were going to be playing near perfect versions of all the classics. 

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