Sunday, 21 September 2008

Always a believer

I never thought online games could work on consoles. 

Yes I know what your thinking. Of course they can. With the possibilites of the internet today, online gaming is the norm. If a game dosn't have online features, it's often shunned from the publics eye. But up until four weeks ago, I didn't believe it could happen. 

You see I'm a PC gamer at heart. I played Team Fortress 2, Half Life 2 Deathmatch and Unreal Tournament online and considered it the closest thing you can have to a religious experience without seeing Jesus. I honestly thought that those "console" types would never know an experience like this, with those "Controllers" I thought It would be too slow. 

I was an idiot, basically. 

Then one day, I saw the light. I played Call Of Duty 4  on a mates Xbox and fell in love. The matchmaking! The gameplay! The stunning HD graphics! The controller! 

So I got a PS3 a month ago, with a copy of COD4 and well.... I'm in love. I really am. You see, there are  main differences between console gaming and PC gaming. With PC gaming you step into a world of the hardcore and often hit the gorund running. It's confusing, especially on VALVE games. I remeber trying to play Counter Strike Source when I first got Half Life 2, and ended up joining server consisting of God and his associates. I got my arse wupped, and consequently didn't return. Ever. 

With COD 4 though (and pretty much every Online game I've played so far on Consoles) it's all down to matchmaking. Oh so your a noob? Cool, well here's 8 other noobs to play with. Your a cyborg anteater with controllers for limbs? Well here's a badger with teething problems, an elephant that kills and a 14 year old boy from alabama with a headset. Enjoy.

So yea. I thought this would be a good starting post :p Every day, a different rant. A stroke of genious. A youtube video. A picture of mario eating a bagel. As long as it's game related, I'll talk about it.

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