Monday, 29 September 2008

Golden Oldie's

I hate it when people talk about "putting on the rose tinted glasses" and how old games are only worth playing because of the nostalgia they generate. Personally, I find it rather degrading. Old games are good in one of  two ways. Their either still good today or you have fond memories of playing them. Both, mean that at some point they were enjoyable.

When discussing old games I always have to mention two. Firstly, Dungeon Keeper as it was the first game I ever played and adored. Secondly, Theme Hospital as it was a game I actually despised as a child yet grew fond of it as a teenager. What really interesting, is that their both developed by Bullfrog. That's not the point of the Blog but it's worth a mention. 

So recently, Theme Hospital has found it's way into my computer and I'm hooked again. I'm already halfway through and the pressures on. What's so great about old games is that they were always so challenging, so unique. They always had the right amount of features and worked perfectly, unlike most modern day games where I'm normally sitting there wishing that the developer had included X Y and Z.  Although, this was only true for certain games between around 1997 and 1999 in my humble opinion. 

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