Friday, 24 July 2009

A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game


So where was I.... Jesus Christ! It's the 24th June!?!?! I overslept for an ENTIRE MONTH?


Anyway hi guys! Well what can I say. I've obviously been busy this past month! Been.. well doing stuff xD

So, let's get started. May I cast your minds all the way back to this post? Back in April, I attempted to start Fallout 3 for the second time and gave up around an hour in. At that point, I boisterously announced that I hated Fallout 3, that it was nothing more than Oblivion with guns and with my head up my own arse wandered off to finish Resident Evil 5 for the bazilionth time.

Then last week, a mate of mine was staying over and he brought with him his copy of Fallout 3 and continued from his save. It was at this point I realised what I was missing, and forced myself to trudge through the first few hours of gameplay. Well ladies and gents, I can now officially announce that the trudging paid off big time. Fallout 3 is by far one of the best games of this generation, even if the first three hours or so of gameplay are slower than Parkinson trying to run down an escalator. It's RPG goodness, Sci Fi splendour and all round good old hearty fun.

Ahhh, could I be any more of a hypocrite when it comes to gaming? I think not, but I'm also starting to treat it as a compliment!

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