Monday, 8 June 2009

A LIttle Bit Of Meevil

So it seems that a transition from "100% Gaming" to "100%...a bit of everything" isn't going to be as easy as I thought, so here's a random post that's just going to go balls to the wall and hope for the best.

See that guy? Yea that's me, your glorious host who's been rambling like an idiot for almost seven months now (or maybe longer... I'll have to check). You've laughed with him... maybe. You've shared experiences... probably. You've cried... actually this is getting ridiculous. That's me ok? Liam Richardson. How you doing. Make yourself at home. I'll get some biscuits.

So this whole "Going Personal" thing... I'm not really too sure how to do it. Maybe I'll just tell you how my Day was?

So today I... played Dead space. This isn't going to work. Actually it could! Actually.... no. I'm just going to end up talking about games again. 

I know, here's a video I found earlier today that I found incredible. It may look like a model shot, but actually it's real life video filmed in like this weird way. Watch in HD!



  2. That video is astonishing.

    I thought I'd worked out how he did it for a second, but I was wrong. Jesus...

    Its doing freaky things with the depth of field and that :S