Tuesday, 2 June 2009

E3 Day 2

So firstly, I've just started playing Animal Crossing on the Wii, but that's not important.

Another day, another E3. The Nintendo conference.... well did bugger all really but I'll cover it in a sentence.

More casual, more shiny old stuff.

Ok so further opinion? The new Metroid looks sweet as (It looks to be a lot like the originals and the damn near perfect Metroid Fusion), I can't wait for the new Mario RPG (LOVED Partners in Time) and I did get a laugh out of the DS port for the Wii (New Super Mario Bros on a Wii!)

I would like to say a lot about Sony's conference as well but... well there's nothing really new. Ok so the new Rockstar exclusive makes me drool but everything else was just... already known. While the Microsoft conference made everyone wee in excitement and surprise, the Sony conference was like greeting and old friend who then gave you a birthday present and a lovely big hug. Great things but, expected!

Although THAT Drakes Fortune trailer......

1 comment:

  1. Theres something I don't like about that Metroid game.

    It may be because it doesn't look like Samus is in the Power Suit.

    I could be wrong, we'll see. It was just at the end of the tralier, it looked like the other woman out of the suit said she was Samus and if thats true, the whole backstory of Metroid is dead.