Thursday, 19 March 2009

Gears Of War 2

I’m a firm believer that those who, thus far, have missed out on the Gears of War series is missing out on one of the most fundamental gaming experience of the past few years. I’ve never played a game that can take itself so seriously, yet be completely tongue in cheek at the same time. One minute it’ll be screaming a million moral messages about war, the government and the future of the human race and the next you’ll be cutting your way out of a giant worm using your giant chainsaw gun. Epic, epic gaming.

I’m about half way through the campaign at the moment and I’ve only come off it to do this. I’m addicted, there’s just something so fresh and unique about the gameplay, even though it’s quite clearly a tried and tested formula. It just manages to pull off the balance so well.


I’ve played about 25 online matches as well, and I’m impressed. Haven't even scraped the surface on it yet though. I only found out that there’s ranks on it yesterday xD


Friday tomorrow! I’ll be finishing Resident Evil 5 tomorrow night for sure. I’m at the point now where I just want to sit down and finish it in one sitting, so I haven't been playing much of it lately if I'm honest.


  1. You're nearly as good as me not online, if not better :(