Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Heavy Rain


Ages ago , I played the Heavy Rain demo. My first impressions were ones of… shock! Joy! Controlling an overweight, asthmatic police officer as he enters the apartment of a prostitute is, after all, something I can’t say I’ve ever done in a videogame before. Instantly, I loved the controls, the QuickTime events and of course, as I’m a sucker for insanely juicy narratives, loved the opening of the story. This first section was a joy to play.

However, as soon as I played the introduction to the second character (an FBI agent who’s a cross between a stereotypical “First Day On The Job” policeman and… Robocop) things began to get iffy. See, I was wandering around this field looking for clues, and effectively I was collecting objects in order to progress. Not really the best thing to make me do in the demo of the “Most interactive game ever” is it? Making me collect objects. It was like playing Spyro with QuickTime events.

So yea, that really put me off. I’m still thinking of renting it though. Not buying it, however, as there’s just no replay value in it whatsoever.

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