Thursday, 4 March 2010

Bioshock 2 Multiplayer: I’m Already Whining


I played Bioshock 2 Multiplayer for the first time today. I like it so much at the moment, that I’ve played it for three hours. In a day. That’s a lot for me.

Anyway, I like how fresh it is. There’s something incredibly good fun about running around, setting people on fire, freezing them, whacking them with a frying pan, shooting them with a high powered shotgun, hacking a turret to shoot at them and rigging a vending machine to shoot explosives at anyone who comes too close. Certainly more entertaining that Modern Warfare 2 is at that moment, anyway.

However I’m not here to review (Seeing as I'm planning a MONSTER REVIEW Week next week so keep posted), instead I'm here to bullet point off a few points that are so far hindering my experience playing the game. So listen up 2K Marin!

  • First off, connection issues. I’ve played 14 full games so far, but I’ve been disconnected from 5. I know this may not seem like a major issue, but you loose all of your experience points when some dick decides to disconnect. Host migration would fix this pretty much instantly.
  • I’m also having problems with the matchmaking. Although I am ending up in games with people of the same Rank (A rare treat, especially on the PS3) it’s taking far too long to locate people. If I want to play free for all, I’m having to wait five or ten minutes. It’s not really worth it. So, could you make it so it searches for rank / location? Would make it far better.
  • I lag. But only when starting the match. A glitch, or my internet?
  • People keep falling through the floors. Well not completely, but you have them running round with their legs under the floorboards, coming at you like a Wickes version of Jaws. It’s terrifying.
  • More characters and maps would be much appreciated as well. Free would be even better xD

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