Tuesday, 23 March 2010


I told you! I told you all! I said, that even though the DSiXXX Hardcore edition was coming out that Nintendo would produce another one in a matter of seconds and you know what? They have! The DS3D!

In all fairness, that was back in November and this isn’t just another fun sized version of the DSi. It’s actually something… rather ambitious.

That video above isn’t of the new DS, it’s of a game for the old DS’s but the premise is still pretty much the same. Nintendo want to add full 3D depth to their games without the use of glasses. Pretty cool huh? Not only that, but it’s expected to have Gamecube quality graphics. A VERY bold statement Nintendo.

Can they deliver? Well, they promised a lot with the Wii and in all fairness they did give us what they promised. The problem was that we, the fans, expected something mind blowing.

Therefore, I’m not holding my breath. Mainly because I can’t for very long.

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