Monday, 24 August 2009

Age of Conan

Last summer, right after my exams, I decided that I wanted a good MMO to play. After consulting Gontak, a fellow forum member, I decided to choose Age of Conan because of a number of reasons.

Firstly, it was Conan, which I've always had an interest in because of my Dad (who's a huge fan of the Robert E Howard books), which meant that I was already won over by the story and the locations. Secondly, it was absolutely stunning. The best looking MMO at the time. Thirdly? The combat was a lot more fun than traditional MMO's and actually required a bit of skill instead of just luck with numbers.

So anyway, off I went to purchase it and for the first few weeks loved every second I shared with it. Unfortunately, my computer didn't run it exactly... well. Whenever I entered a city it lagged like a mother bitch and sometimes just crashed altogether. Not to mention that I never even left the training island, because apparently the outside world was just a drab, quest less mess. So I laid Age of Conan to rest, convincing myself that one day it would live up to expectations. I mean after all, I had bought it just after launch day! All Mmo's suck for the first few months, don't they?

Well, after reading all the latest re-reviews I can safely say that Age of Conan looks to be everything it ws meant to be. Huge PVP battles, a load of new quests and an engine that has finally been fixed to prevent graphical lag and Game Crashes.

Now all I need is a better computer and £10 a month! .... Oh wait.

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