Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Shiny New Computers = Empty Wallets

Oh hai, I'm a spoiler! Look at me, all in Red. Oooooh! *wiggles fingers* Anyway, this post is going to be rather angry, filled to the brim with white hot nerd rage! Enjoy.

It's my seventeenth birthday in a few weeks time, and I've decided not to get driving lessons because of the bloody price of the things (and because, well buses aren't all that bad really, to be honest.)

Anyway, I thought about what I wanted and I've settled on a new computer. A one that's actually mine (I share a computer. In this day and age, I share a computer!). So with my nerd hat on, I started to scour the Internets for a cheap one.

Stupidly, I started on Dell. Over a GRAND for what I wanted. ¬.¬

Then I looked on HP, and again, it was moronically expensive.

So then I found a site that did custom built ones for quite a reasonable price, and it was situated in the UK so shipping costs were pretty low. Quite happy, I had a look at the specs. Surprise surprise, no monitor.

Why! Why is it so bloody difficult? I'd build it myself If I didn't think I'd probably end up blowing myself / the computer/ or the house up. Also. WHY CAN'T YOU INCLUDE A FREAKING MONITOR!



  1. Cyberpower Systems is where I got mine from and its always been fantastic.

  2. Friz, I want to make love to you

  3. Should have asked me in the first place Mr Meevil!