Monday, 10 August 2009

Nothing Specific

Got a few things to blabber on about today. Actually this post might be quite a long one.

I played UT3 on the Xbawks last night. I had to install it because when I tried to play it normally it sounded like my Xbox was trying mow a lawn or something, and considering it was two in the morning that was a bit inconvenient. Anyway, I enjoyed playing it but it's not really suited for consoles. I'm looking forward to playing it when I get my new PC though.

Also, apparently the mysterious PS3 slim has been spotted on a video somewhere! Not that I really care to be honest. I quite like how large the PS3 is at the moment. Gives it a sense of.... power. Lots of power.

I got my Uncharted back as well, so I've been forcing a friend to play it. By gunpoint. He likes it, but he hates the PS3 so it's quite amusing to watch him play it. Grimacing yet smiling. Quite an expression.

Final thought of the day? PC's are still too damn expensive. Ciao.

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