Sunday, 8 February 2009

This Little Duck Hates Left 4 Dead

Hey, Terrance here. I’m back.


I would have posted before today, but a week after I last posted I had a bit of an accident. You see, I hate everything, but one thing I do love is bread. I adore the stuff. It’s like duck sex to me. So I was in the park, diving for some bread, when some little shit threw a donut at me. In my frenzied bread rage, I consumed the whole thing in under a second and thusly sunk to the bottom of the pond in a fashion that very much resembled a scene from the Godfather. Anyway, I saved by a passing homeless guy who thought I was a magic pond elf but the moral of this story is I couldn't be bothered… Anyway.


I used to quite enjoy Valves zombie shooter Left 4 Dead. In fact, you could say I actually used to… well. Like it. Anyway, I got bored of the thing fairly quickly due to the lack of campaigns and the god-awful server browser, but I still had a soft spot for the old decaying girl. So you can imagine my excitement when Barry the swan tells me that it’s going to receive free Downloadable content which will consist of two new versus campaigns and an all new “Survival mode”. Well I almost snapped both my wings off as I skidded across the ice to my laptop (It’s cold here in Dorset… I hate snow).


Browsing the internet, my excitement was crushed with the cold hard facts. These two “new” versus campaigns are just Death Toll and Dead Air (which should have been included on the games initial release in my opinion) and this survival mode may just be the same as the main game, just with no medipacks of pills.


Well I can tell you, I'm severely pissed off. Valve are normally fantastic for updates (look at Team Fortress 2) but this is just stupid.


Terrance out.

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