Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Resident Evil 5

After playing the demo for the first time yesterday, I posted this as a topic on nFortress:


Decided to make a new thread, because It was released on the PS3 today. Well the demo was.
Here's my impressions then. I played through the first chapter and hated every second of it. It wasn't Resi 4, and it wasn't the original Resi's and quite frankly I was dissapointed. I sat in quiet hatred, mumbling to myself over every flaw.
Then I played the second bit, and ADORED every second of it. Then I played the first chapter again, and loved that too.
This game is everything I hoped it was going to be. The graphics are superb, the controls are perfect and the enemies are as good as they were on Resi 4. I'm not too keen on the co-op online, but who cares. You don't have to play it.
It's not the "Bastardisation" of the series that everyone was raving about. It's different, and that's never a bad thing. It's just changed that's all, and I wish more people would accept that.
Oh, and bear in mind, this is coming from a hardcore Resident Evil fan.
P.S. if anyone dares say "OMG YOU CAN'T MOVE AND SHOOT" I have one thing to say. GTFO of my game, you never could and you never will.

And would you believe it, everyone basically slated it. Beh.


Anyway, I personally can’t wait for release day!

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