Friday, 31 October 2008

Creepy ghouls from every tomb...

Mwahahahaha! Welcome, one and all to the Halloween edition of "Original Dungeon Keeper"!

Prepare for the five games that will scare you senseless this Halloween. I guarantee if you play all of them you certainly wont be getting any sleep tonight! So grab your mask, grab your pumpkin and get ready for the 5 greatest Videogame scares every created! (in my opinion)

There is a system fair traveller. 5 is the least scary and 1 is the most petrifying! 


Don't worry sir I can hear you laughing and I can see you shaking your head with disbelief. "You said Videogame scares, Meevil, not cheap videogames!". Well sir, it is only number 5, and I can explain why perfectly. Defcon is scary, for a completely different reason. It's painfully true. The coldness of the graphics adds to the scare factor. Can you honestly NOT shiver, when a missile hits London and it displays 5.6 Million dead? It's this coldness, this iciness that is petrifying. Remember my friends, Global Thermonuclear war is a possibility.....


Why do you go down into Rapture? What possesses you to do it? Couldn't you wait for rescue? Couldn't you sit tight and NOT go into the lighthouse? Do you have to go down the biosphere? As a gamer, you plunge the main character into the nightmare that awaits. And my God is it a nightmare. Bioshock offers the same scare factor as Defcon with it's deadly realism, but it also offers a few cheap scares along the way. Blood, Gore and shocks. A great horror game, play it now!

3: Resident Evil 

I don't mean the whole series (no matter how much I love it) as this is the scariest of them all. It's the graphics that make this game so scary! The lower tech meant that weapons were slow and clumsy, you could barely walk in a straight line never mind run and not to mention that some of the enemies were a lot faster than you (and some, a lot a slower). This game is a classic example of an original horror game. Great sound, perfect location and the right amount of enemies and ammo. This game is a classic. 

2: Silent Hill 4 - The Room

 Man, this is hardcore stuff. I'm not too good with Silent Hill games (in fact, I'm quite comfortable to say I shat my pants on many occasions while playing it. Silent Hill 4 isn't the worse, in fact it's quite timid compared to others.... But it's still petrifying.... Play this game if your a fan of the series. If your not, then go to one...

1: Silent Hill 2
Here we are! The scariest game I've ever played. This game will mess with your mind. If you play one game to scare you today, make sure it's this one. You will not be disappointed. The sound of course, is the best part of this game. You never really see much, it's what you hear that really affects you. Play this game in a dark room by yourself. You may enter a big tough man, but you'll leave a shivering, pale mess. 

I should conclude by mentioning some other games that have left a mark. Timesplitters Future Perfect had that bloody horrible mansion level. That is well messed up, well done Free Radical! Half Life 2 for Ravenholm (I hated that level), Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl had a large horror element in there that worked very well and finally who can forget good old Luigi's mansion? Well OK not many people were afraid of that, in fact no one was apart from when I first got it and my sister who was 3 at the time... OK I'm rambling.

So there you have it horror lovers! The top 5 games to send a shiver down your spine! Happy Halloween!

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